Our Instructors

Judy Mackenzie


Originally Certified with The British Horse Society in England, Judy is an accomplished instructor across many disciplines. She has trained with both Eitan Beth Halachmy , Founder of Cowboy Dressage, and Marcia Moore Harrison, Level 3 Clinician and Certified Cowboy Dressage Judge. For more information about Judy and lessons/courses available, go to: www.paysonridinglessons.com

Tessa Nicolet


Tessa focuses on building relationships between horses and humans on the ground and in the saddle.   Tessa uses natural horsemanship philosophies and concepts to build a strong foundation in horses and people that can be applied to any discipline.  Tessa has studied and worked with Eitan Beth-Halachmy, Lyn Ringrose-Moe both founding partners for Cowboy Dressage.  She has also studied with Marcia Moore Harrison and Susan Dockter lever 3 clinicians and judges for Cowboy Dressage.  Tessa has also studied with Linda Parelli and Rodolfo Lara focusing on finesse and lightness in our riding.  In 2018 Tessa earned open High Point Grand Champion on the Challenge court at Cowboy Dressage World Finals as well as open Reserve Grand Champion in Walk Jog, Partnership, and Liberty divisions. Tessa is also a Level 1 Cowboy Dressage clinician.

For more information about Tessa, go to: www.cohesivehorsemanship.com