WINTER SOUTHWEST GATHERING and Show December 14th & 15th

Horseshoe Park Queen Creek AZ

This will be the third official gathering in the southwest!! Come join us for a fun filled weekend in the Phoenix Arizona area.   Prizes will include high point and soft feel Buckles As well as gift certificates and many many ribbons.  We will also be awarding end of the year awards!!

Judge Niki Gibbs Wilde will be doing a one day Liberty clinic the day prior to the show (limited to 8 riders ) $150 for the day.  Contact Tessa at to sign up

To learn more about Niki scroll down to the bottom of this page.

Gathering will start December 14th and end December 15th in the evening. Awards will take place on Sunday after the last ride. 

Fees are: one time $35 office and Facility fee plus $35 per test. 

Overnight Stalls and camping are available!  

Entries are due by December 9th 2019!


Entry Forms

Click below to access the entry form.  One entry form for each horse and rider combination is needed.  

SW Gathering Ride Times and Documents

Ride time should be posted by December 10th. 

Below are maps aand any waivers that you can fill out and have ready at check in  the day of the show. 

About Niki Gibbs Wilde

Nacon "Niki" Wilde is a mother, wife, and avid horsemanship student in Utah. Niki didn't start her life with horses until she was an adult. So she understands the difficulties that arise from learning new things in that stage of your life. She takes great care to help others understand the process of learning horsemanship, no matter where or when they decide to start. After graduating the Parelli program and riding on the Savvy Team in 2005, she went on to study with many amazing horseman and woman such as; Jack Brainard, Craig Johnson (World Champion in Reining), Karen Rohlf (Founder of Dressage, Naturally), and recently studied in Portugal with the world-renowned Senor Luis Valenca and his super talented family. 

It was at a Jack Brainard clinic in 2004 where Jack told Niki; "You and your horse are the reason we need Cowboy Dressage." At which point Niki started a more in-depth study of Classical Dressage, while also studying Reining. She was fortunate to start working with Craig Johnson and Karen Rohlf that same year. As she was expanding her knowledge outside of her comfort zone, she learned first-hand about different aspects of training and showing horses that were not congruent with the principles she had set for her own personal horsemanship. So she went back to work, gaining more experience with horses by handling hundreds of foals and young horses, working with hundreds of problem horses, and helping people with difficulties they may be having with their own horses. During this time she wrote a book; "Me and Mr. B; Using Natural Horsemanship Techniques to Raise A Child With Autism" It details the beginning of her horsemanship journey as her and her husband, Kim were raising their two sons. (The oldest of which has Autism) 

After waiting over a decade for Cowboy Dressage to develop, she finally met and rode with Eitan Beth-Halachmy and found something she had been waiting, and preparing her horsemanship knowledge for. A sport that is for every horse and every person. A sport that puts the relationship and 'soft feel' first. A sport that is inspiring and fun for the horse and their people.  

"Dressage equals Massage" is something she says often, as she teaches others how to use the Cowboy Dressage patterns to deepen the partnership between horse and rider. Thus creating the life-long bond with their horses that they dream of. Niki remembers the frustration she sometimes felt during her horsemanship journey, and hopes to help others by creating an environment where everyone can learn to ride and train, judgement free, with the care and instruction they need in order to excel. Her focus, like Cowboy Dressage, is on the relationship between horse and rider and this helps her students find the love, peace and joy that comes from creating partnerships with their horses. 

Niki is currently an Endorsed Level 2 Cowboy Dressage Clinician and Judge. Niki continues to study closely with Karen Rohlf and all of the Cowboy Dressage Partners. Niki believes that the more she studies, the more she has to share with others. 

2020 Gathering and Show Schedule!!!

April 4th and 5th Tucson AZ


Tucson area spring show.  Location and details coming... 

May 30th and 31st Payson AZ


Spring Gathering and Show at Patterson Training LLC in Payson Arizona.  The honorable Jill VonIlton as Judge.

September 12th and 13th Payson AZ


Fall Gathering and Show at Patterson Training LLC in Payson Arizona.  

December 5th and 6th Queen Creek AZ


Winter Gathering and end of year awards.  Horseshoe Park in Queen Creek AZ.


Schooling Shows and Gatherings in the Southwest

What is a Cowboy Dressage Schooling show or Gathering and how does it work??

Schooling shows and Gatherings are a great way to test your skills and receive feedback from a judge on your ride.  These are usually one or two day fun filled events.  

Schooling shows and Gatherings are judged by recommended Cowboy Dressage judges.  Tests emphasize kindness, soft feel, and partnership.   All tests, judges score sheets can be viewed and downloaded from

A competitor in Cowboy Dressage schooling show or Gathering will choose which tests they want to ride (class list).  A total of 4 ridden tests and 4 in hand tests are allowed per horse per day.   Any test can be ridden more than once.  

Show management will usually send out ride times ahead of the event.  These are the time at which the rider will perform the test.  

For more information on rules, guidelines, etc... visit


Cowboy Dressage is usually broken up into several divisions.  Prizes can be awarded by class (test), division, or overall for the show.  Not all schooling shows will award prizes.  Some schooling shows and gatherings will combine divisions depending on number of entries in each.

Division are:

Challenge Division - Includes all Challenge court tests

Walk Jog -  Includes all walk jog tests on the flat court

Walk Jog Lope - All Walk Jog Lope Tests. 

Vaquero - All vaquero tests

Gaited - All Gaited tests

Partnership - All partnership tests

Liberty - All Liberty tests