What is Cowboy Dressage?



What is Cowboy Dressage? 

Is it Western Dressage? No - this is different in several ways. Firstly, it is ridden on a different 'court' (arena), and secondly it has different principles and rules.

Cowboy Dressage was founded in 1994 by Eitan Beth-Halachmy, as a breakaway from Western Dressage. Eitan was seeking a softer partnership with the horse and developed Cowboy Dressage, and designed the special Courts.

Who can do it? Any riders on any type of horses or mules can do it!

It's about the relationship - the relationship between the horse and rider. There are Divisions for  Partnership (In hand), Liberty, Gaited Horses, Vaquero, as well as Ridden Division.

Why should I try it? Because it is all about partnership with your horse and about Soft Feel - the harmonious flow of information between horse and rider. Its emphasis is on kindness.

Want  to find out more? Sign up for one of our Introduction to Cowboy  Dressage events, learn all about it and try out riding cowboy dressage  tests, or go to: www.cowboydressageworld.com

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